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Creative and passionate marketer, Dillon Kalkhurst leads D. Knight Marketing & Consulting Group. DKMC has more than 20 years experience forming win-win social impact partnerships that have provided tremendous business ROI while making a difference. Our motto is “There is no mission without margin.” When strategic alliances are created with clearly identified and agreed upon KPIs for both the nonprofit and the funding partner, everyone wins.

School-business partnerships are our biggest strengths. DKMC has experience with engaging over a million millennial parent volunteers in schools, and this experience has helped us become experts in intergenerational engagement. Parents in schools today are split 50/50 between millennials and Generation X and these two generations are influenced and motivated very differently. Schools now must be trained in age diversity to maximize teacher effectiveness in parent and family engagement.

Companies are increasingly challenged to recruit, engage and retain millennial employees. There are 30 million millennial employees in the U.S. today, and they will occupy 75% of the workforce by 2025. Corporate Culture is the number one thing millennials look at when joining or staying at a company. With a whopping 66% of millennial workers planning to leave their current company by the end of 2020, it is imperative for businesses to create Millennial-friendly cultures that include meaningful social engagement opportunities for their teams.
We feel the millennial generation will grow to be the most giving generation in U.S. history. This is good news for nonprofits that need volunteers and funding. This is good news for schools that need more engaged parents and better-trained teachers, and this is ideal for companies that have the opportunity to grow their businesses while making a difference in the world.


Founded in 1991, DKMC’s first client was Pepsi-Cola where we managed sampling events across the southeast U.S. around the hugely popular “Pepsi Challenge” promotional campaign. In addition to event-based marketing, DKMC specialized in programs that utilized entertainment to educate youth on important issues. This successful platform often referred to as “edutainment” proved to be a successful way to get kids excited about an issue and move them to action. In 1999, DKMC co-partnered with a well-established, Florida-based media production company and formed MediaScope Creative, which became DKMC’s production arm. This extension helped extend the “edutainment” effectiveness into new media.

DKMC has had the pleasure of working with many well-known brands in helping them promote new products and services in an entertaining and engaging way. Past and present clients include Scholastic, Pepsi-Cola, The NBA, The NFL, NASCAR, Sandals & Beaches Resorts, The Sandals Foundation, Disney World Resorts, NBC, Clear Channel Radio, HBO, ModernBride and Pioneer Electronics, just to name a few.

“The Sandals Foundation engages resort guests to bring reading and books to students in rural Jamaica”


“Dillon is the author of Intergenerational Engagement: understanding the Five Generations in Today’s Economy”
“Dillon talks about an employee volunteer partnership he helped create between Scholastic and the University of Phoenix”
“Dillon and media producer Scott Bennett prepare to board the Sandals Resorts plane for site inspections of their five Jamaica resorts”

Dillon Kalkhurst is the author of the groundbreaking book, Intergenerational Engagement: Understanding the Five Generations in Today’s Economy.  He has more than 20 years experience creating strategic partnerships that engage different generations, specifically, Millennials and Gen Zs to drive business objectives with social impact. Dillon has extensive knowledge of what motivates Millennial parents and their Gen Z kids thanks to the partnerships he has formed to help Fortune 500 corporations work with schools to boost family engagement. In his experience working with Scholastic, the largest children’s publishers in the world, he managed and engaged their volunteer base of over a million millennial parents annually.

In his education-based strategic partnership roles, he has helped generate over $10 million to support literacy and family engagement initiatives in schools, while helping media partners secure more than 20 million in non-traditional partnership revenue. Dillon successfully launched a media campaign with 127 television stations to promote “positive news” from local schools. The program generated over $30 million in earned media while helping media partners secure new advertisers.

Dillon is Co-Founder and CMO (Chief Motivation Officer) at D. Knight Marketing & Consulting Group, Inc. where he aligns school districts, community organizations, and businesses that have multi-generational employees and customers. He advises organizations on Millennial and Gen Z friendly corporate cultures and communications strategies and creates customized social impact programs that drive brand awareness, sales, and employee engagement objectives.

In 2017, he launched The Center for Intergenerational Engagement to share the findings from his book. The Center provides Intergenerational Engagement keynote presentations, corporate training, and strategic marketing consulting for a broad variety of industries including local educational agencies.

Dillon is a regular contributor for Intergenerational Engagement content on sites like Huffington Post, Inc, Fortune, LinkedIn, and others. As a professional photographer and videographer, he has perfected the art of storytelling using images to demonstrate the impact of business, school, and community partnerships. Millions have viewed his social-impact photographs and videos on his social channels.

Dillon bases out of the Orlando, Florida metro market with his wife Linda and son Jordan who is a junior in college studying to become a special education teacher. He enjoys everything outdoors and is an avid photographer.