“I Don’t Have Time to Volunteer”?

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“I just Don’t Have Time.” That is probably the number one reason why a person doesn’t volunteer at their child’s school or in their community.
Research shows that 74% of Americans want to volunteer but do not because they say they just don’t have time. Is it that they don’t have the time or they “choose” to spend their time doing something else?
Every day in the US we…..

  • Spend 24 Million hours playing online Solitaire.
  • Spend 388 Million minutes on Facebook.
  • Watch 2 Billion YouTube videos.

To put that in context: It took 7 million hours to build the Empire State Building. If you just add up the time we spend on Facebook alone, we could build 55 Empire State Buildings EVERY DAY!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOTAAAAJDcyNWJiZDk5LTVhZjMtNDNhNC1hMjVkLTAzMWZmOWZlNTY0ZQI’m not saying everyone is just sitting around on their devices or chasing Pokemon. I know life has become incredibly insane, and I’m not sure what happened. I know from my experience that finding time to give back is really, really hard. I find that it helps me if I schedule it just like I schedule a meeting. I also don’t get too worked up if I can’t participate in the many volunteer requests I receive. I have learned to say no, and that’s perfectly ok as long you occasionally say yes. That being said, I make sure when I do volunteer, as little investment as that may be throughout my hectic days, weeks and months that it is impactful and meaningful. I have also never left a volunteer or service opportunity without having a warm feeling in my heart and thinking to myself, “I should do this more.”
I just found these stats pretty incredible. What did we do with all that time before we had the devices you are staring at right now?

Now I have to go to a meeting.


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