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Attract, Inspire, and Retain the Best Millennial Employees

66% of Millennials plan on leaving their current job by the end of 2020! What are you doing at your company to make sure that doesn’t happen?

DKMC helps companies create Millennial-friendly cultures that attract, inspire and retain the best Millennial employees, by establishing business-driving social impact programs that empower their Millennial employees’ passions to do good which helps build a robust and loyal workforce.

Many companies have a talented leadership team stacked with Baby Boomer and Generation X’ers. Many business leaders buy into the common stereotypes that Millennials are lazy, empowered, etc. We start by providing the leadership team with a full overview of the Millennial generation. Knowledge is power.  We will take the time to learn your company’s business drivers and employee engagement goals.

Millennials indicate corporate culture as the number one factor they look at when deciding who to work for. We will conduct an internal and confidential survey with your employees to help assess the corporate culture around social impact and use that feedback to develop Social Impact teams driven by a collaboration of all employees.

Once your team has come to a consensus on the type of social impact they want to provide; DKMC works on creating the perfect CSR partnership that will not only engage and inspire your employees, but it will also drive the bottom line.

“Dillon conducting engagement training at Clear Channel Radio in Chicago”
“Volunteers from University of Phoenix read with at-risk students”


Attract, Inspire and Retain Millennial & Gen Z Volunteers

Volunteering has remained steady over the past decade with just over 62 million volunteering for a charity last year. Millennials and Gen Z’ers will finally start to move the numbers upward thanks to the fact that they have been raised in an environment that required them to perform community service while in high school. Fortunately, these values are following them into adulthood.

There are 30 million millennial employees in the U.S., and they insist their companies make a difference in their local communities. Companies are quickly adding social impact campaigns to help with Millennial employee engagement. We believe this is great news for nonprofits that can align their volunteer and donor opportunities with the right corporate partner.

DKMC helps nonprofits and NGOs identify employee engagement opportunities within their organizations and events. We help nonprofits and NGOs create a local target list of mission-aligned companies that can provide skills-based volunteering and donations to the organization. DKMC also provides nonprofit leadership valuable insight on the Millennial and Gen Z generations which will help them hire and retain passionate Millennial and Gen Z employees and recruit and engage more volunteers and donors to help them meet their mission.  

“Newell-Rubbermaid volunteers build a Reading Oasis in a school during their worldwide day of service”


Education is the number one social issue millennial parents are interested in followed by healthcare and the economy.  Half of a typical school district’s parents are millennial parents. The other half is Gen X’ers. This diversity creates an interesting dynamic when it comes to engaging families because these two generations require different engagement strategies. For the first time in our country’s history, schools have to train their staff on how to handle age diversity.

Millennial parents want to be more involved than their parents were in their child’s education. The catch is that they want to be involved and engaged in a very different way than parents of past generations. For teachers to effectively engage and communicate with their student’s parents, they need to know what motivates today’s parents.

Intergenerational Engagement Development Training

DKMC provides half-day Intergenerational Parents professional development for district personnel, principals and teachers to help them better understand the most efficient ways to engage both millennial and Gen X parents. Better understanding and appreciation of the unique needs of parents today will help schools craft the right mix of programs that will help teachers improve their practice and student outcomes.

Community Partner Evaluation

It is a well-known fact that schools are underfunded and often lack resources to help children graduate from school college-ready. The challenges are even greater in low-income schools. DKMC uses more than 20 years experience building win-win education partnerships to help school districts and individual school leaders become knowledgeable on how school-business partnerships work. We use our proprietary community evaluation tool to assess the value of all district and school partnership assets and then identify local, regional and national mission-aligned partners who have business needs that can be met with the right-fit education initiative.

DKMC then provides partnership development training for the school’s family-community engagement coordinators that aligns with the district’s goals thus minimizing any conflicts with district-level partnership outreach.

“NFL all-star Charles Tillman joins University of Phoenix volunteers at a high-needs school in South Chicago”
“NBA all-star Russell Westbrook opens a Reading Room in a high-needs school in Oklahoma City”